Plans are coming together for our 2016 Spring Gathering at our homestead on May 14th, 2016.  We are very excited to be able to offer educational sessions along with a time to share ideas and experiences with like-minded people.  We are planning to run sessions from 9 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.  We are hoping this will allow ample time for morning and evening chores and still give you time come and enjoy the day.

At this time we are scheduled to have 9 presenters who will be offering information on many topics: raising rabbits and goats, growing and using herbs, blacksmithing, wooden bowl making, natural gardening, butchering small animals, basic beekeeping and more!  Our day will be available at no charge to attendees.  Bring your lawn chairs and a picnic lunch and plan to spend the day with us.

You will be able to choose and attend 6 of the 12 sessions that will cover various topics.  The schedule for the day is outlined below.  Sessions followed by (*) will only be offered at that time, all others will be offered at two different times during the day.

9:00-10:00  Soap making–a simple soap made from common kitchen ingredients
                    Raising Goats Naturally–Raising and natural treatment for common problems
                   Growing Herbs*–Basics of herb gardening and common herbs that are easy to grow  

10:15-11:15 Basic Beekeeping–Understanding the miraculous honey bee
                     Raising Rabbits–Raising Rabbits and dealing with common issues        
                     Blacksmithing*–See and watch some new items made from common metal  

11:30-12:30 Natural Gardening–Growing produce with natural pest control and soil enhancement   
                    “Pellet Free” Rabbits–Feed your rabbits in ways that don’t involve processed pellets
                    Dispatching Fowl*–process chicken, quail and perhaps and prepare for the freezer
12:45-1:45 Basic Beekeeping–Understanding the miraculous honey bee     
                   Raising Rabbits–Raising Rabbits and dealing with common issues
                   Dispatching Rabbits*–process rabbit and prepare it for the freezer 

2:00-3:00   Prepping Herbs*–Learn various ways to prepare, preserve and use common herbs
                   “Pellet Free” Rabbits–Feed your rabbits in ways that don’t involve processed pellets
                   Natural Gardening–Growing produce with natural pest control and soil enhancement   

3:15-4:15  Soap making–a simple soap made from common kitchen ingredients
                  Raising Goats Naturally–Raising and natural treatment for common problems
                  Wooden Bowls*–Watch as Caleb works to turn a slab of wood into a shallow bowl   
The sessions will be informal and questions will be encouraged.  You may choose at any point to skip a session, spread a blanket and have a picnic lunch, or you may eat lunch during one of the sessions. We have a large grassy area, and will have bottled water and drinks available.  Again, there is no charge for anything throughout the day and a box will be provided for donations to help offset costs, IF you choose to do so. 

One of the goals with our own homestead is to help others take their dreams to a realistic point.  You don’t have to own a large acreage to provide healthy food for your family.  You can grow a garden anywhere; you can make soap and other projects in your kitchen; raising rabbits, chickens and even goats is possible in small areas; growing and using herbs will take your cooking to a whole new level, and many have medicinal uses as well; beekeepers are found even in large cities!  Some towns even allow small animal husbandry, with some restrictions.  Check the ordinances where you live.  You can preserve healthy foods by attending farmers markets, shopping produce sales at your local grocer, or trading your neighbors for their excess produce.  Nothing is impossible.  We hope to teach some basics and begin to offer resources of knowledge and networking to give you the motivation to start!  My point is that you can do this! No matter where you are in your life, there are ways you can provide better, safer, more enjoyable food and items for your family.

Papa and I were both raised on farms and it did not occur to us until recently that we have knowledge, and a wealth of family and friends with knowledge that should be shared.  Many people do not have access to this knowledge, so this is our way of beginning to share with others.

In addition to Papa and myself, we have had 7 others step up to help organize and put together this event.  With their help, we hope to make this a recurring event at least twice a year.  Look for the organizers, the day of the event, in their bright orange shirts.  Let them know how your day is going, and let them know what we can do to improve future Gatherings.  We already have several topics in the works for a Fall Gathering if you all would like.  Your feedback after the event will help us determine what sessions to plan for the Fall Gathering and will help us make improvements to best meet your needs.

Please, let us know of your intentions to attend, so that we can have plenty of drinks available, and plan for parking accordingly.  Visit  2016 Spring Gathering on FaceBook to reserve your spot, learn more about the presenters and find out additional information as it becomes available!  No FaceBook account?  Email me with 2016 Spring Gathering in the subject line!

We hope to provide you with a day of fun and knowledge, please come hang out with us.

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