With the 2016 Spring Gathering a week from today, I guess I better get some more introductions made.  Not everyone has had time to get me their detailed information, so I will include what I know about them.

Jasmine will be presenting information on Growing, Preserving and Using Herbs.  Jasmine and her husband are looking forward to the day when they leave the small town they live in for a home in the country.  Jasmine began learning about herbs and their uses at an early age, and her interest and knowledge has expanded over the years.  Her website, Thyme and Timber, is a wealth of information for both beginner and experienced herbalists.  You can also follow her on Facebook at her Thyme and Timber Facebook Page.

Lance has an variety of experience growing all types of plants.  According to Lance, “I have been doing some type of gardening my whole life.”  Lance has run landscape crews, has been a nursery salesman for several years off and on.  He has worked with soil scientists and Horticulturists.  Lance feels that basically anyone can grow food with chemicals, but Lance prefers to test out different soil mixtures with different plants and keep things all natural.  Lance and his wife Cynthia live on a small acreage with their children and have been key in organizing and developing the Ash Grove Farmers Market.  You can also follow them on their Facebook page, Mossy Rock Farm.  Lance is planning a great presentation on natural soil amendments to get the most from your garden plants.


Caleb is a remarkable young man who is self-taught in many areas of homesteading and primitive arts.  He is currently focusing on blacksmithing, from which he makes knives and other tools.  He also enjoys repurposing other metal objects, such as railroad spikes into usable items.  Caleb’s latest endeavor is turning some of the slab wood, which is a byproduct at a local sawmill into gorgeous slab bowls.  Caleb was homeschooled by his remarkable mother, and his ability to research and work independently shines through in the skills of this young man.  As one of the older siblings in his large family, his younger siblings are guided by Caleb in many ways.  He is true pioneer in the interests he pursues.
Tina, and her family raise calves,

goats, ducks, rabbits and other animals on their farm.   She will be teaching us how to raise our goats naturally.  For every problem, there are natural treatments, and Tina has extensive experience in that area.  She plans to share her knowledge in treating common illnesses without resorting to chemical and synthetic medications.  Tina will also be sharing the benefits of having goats on your farm/homestead.

Whitney is a stay-at-home mom to two wonderful little boys, and contributes to the family meals by offering butchering and processing of small animals on the shares.  It is a win-win situation for her customers who know she uses humane and sanitary methods, just as she does for her own family.  They get the delicate process of dispatching completed, and give her a share of the final meat for her family.  Whitney processes all types of small animals and plans to demonstrate the process with quail, chickens, rabbits and a turkey if one is available.
We hope you will join us for the day.  The presentations will begin at 9 and run until 4:15.  Our location is on our farm near Miller, Missouri.  You will need to bring lawn chairs, and a picnic lunch, if you would like.  Other items you might find useful will be a notepad and feel free to bring your camera.  More details are found here.  We look forward to visiting with you.

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