Chicks From the Sticks

This page, and its silly title was born from the antics of two of my good friends who share my love of animals, gardening, family and self sufficiency.  We are all three at very different stages of life, each with crazy schedules and family obligations that sometimes pull us in multiple directions at the same time.  But with everything that goes on in our individual lives, we make a point to stay in contact, sometimes daily, to give an encouraging word, be a bright spot in each others day, lend a shoulder when times are tough, and share a tear when no words are needed.  If one of us needs something, it is guaranteed that at least one of the others is available to drop what they are doing and lend a hand, no matter what is needed.  I have learned more from these two than they will ever know, and I hope they have learned a bit from me as well.  When our schedules allow, we try to get together to learn something new that we can use in our desire to do more to provide frugal, healthy things for our families.  Our goal here is to share some of our adventures together.  Some will be just the three of us teaching each other and learning together, and some may include someone else teaching one or more of us the things that will help the women on the homestead be more successful, feel more confident or at least know there are others out there that share the same joys, questions, fears, struggles, and achievements that they do.

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