Heat on the Homestead

 Without getting too technical, I want to make you aware of what happens when the body overheats, explain the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, give some tips to prevent heat injury, and give some treatment ideas when heat injury happen, and most importantly let you know when it is imperative to seek medical attention rather than continue home treatments.

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Additional Homestead Gathering Activities

The count down to the Gathering has begun! In just 4 short days, we will welcome fellow homesteaders to our homestead for a day of fun activities, learning, teaching and socializing. Some of the presenters and their presentations have been introduced in these two posts, Spring 2017 Presenters and More Presenters for the Spring Gathering!. We have, mowed, trimmed, cleaned, and readied the farm for you. In the next few days we do more cleaning, cooking and preparation to try to make sure the day runs smoothly for you. We do have a chance of rain between now and then, so you might want to wear your boots, as we do have a bit of mud around the place. 🙂 Don’t forget your lawn chairs, camera, notebooks and friends!

The planned schedule includes day long demonstrations of outdoor water bath canning fruit syrups, knife making/blacksmithing/knife sharpening, a working moonshine still, rag rug making, quilt top piecing, raising meal worms, carding and spinning wool, rope making, inoculating mushroom logs, and more!

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More Presenters for the Spring Gathering!

Last week I introduced you some of the 2017 Spring Gathering Presenters. This week I would like to introduce more of them. We try to have activities and information that will appeal to all ages and people who are at all stages of getting back to basics with a homesteading lifestyle. The day proves to have a wide variety of topics that should have something for everyone.

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Spring 2017 Presenters

With the 2017 Spring Gathering getting closer and closer, the time has come to introduce the Presenters and Demonstrators. These people are coming to the Gathering, volunteering their time and sharing their knowledge in many areas, to share information with everyone attending. For those that have a business or offer products, they are invited to offer their products at the Gathering. However, our focus is on education, rather than sales, so there should never be any pressure felt to buy anything. We just look forward to meeting you, some of you for the first time, some of you again, and learning from one another. There will be link after introductions for location, date and time, and further information.

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