Back in 1998, Papa and I started making Cracker Neck Creek Baskets.  After a few craft shows, we started a home party plan that led to a huge popularity of baskets in our area.  In the Spring of 2000, after the death of Papa’s mother, a car accident involving both of our children (teens at the time) and other family and personal issues, we sold the business and stopped making the baskets.  Since that time we have made a few baskets here and there and kept open the idea of making them once again to sell and share with family and friends.  Not long ago, Papa got the hankering to start making a few again and has decided to keep the variety and styles homestead related and offer them here on Modern Missouri Pioneers, at our new store front.  To see what is offered, be sure to check out the “Shop” tab or click here.

Papa cuts the bottoms and handles on the table and band saws, then rips narrow strips for upright stakes.  After assembling the basket frame, he weaves the basket and finishes off the bottom edge, top edge and applies the handle, if applicable.  The baskets are very durable and will last many years.  They make great gifts and after you have one, you will want more.  Though each is designed with a special purpose in mind, the uses of each are as varied and many as there are customers who use them.  Each basket can be used in multiple ways, and much like Lay’s Potato Chips… can’t have just one!  🙂

At this point, the baskets will only be available for local pickup, but we hope to add shipping soon.  If you would like to contact us to see about arranging for shipping, feel free to contact us, and we will consider shipping on an order by order basis.

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We strive to keep the price of our products reasonable. Due to the larger size of many of them, shipping may be more than the item itself. We have no control over this, and will only charge the actual shipping charges. To help offset the high cost of shipping, we encourage you to buy several items in one, allowing us to combine shipping on the items. Dismiss