With the 2016 Fall Gathering quickly approaching, it is time to introduce some the topics that will be covered in the afternoon educational sessions. Today you will meet half of the presenters and see what information they will be sharing. Topics being covered by these wonderful people include Off-Grid Living, Wine Making, Fermentation, and Boosting your immune system with natural herbs.

Mark and Brenda Conn have lived in southwest Missouri their entire lives. They have been married for 33 years and are very excited to share their story, which lead them to living off-grid with solar power. They will be covering their journey with solar power, what led them to their decision to go solar, and how it is to live on solar power. Brenda states that while they do not claim to be professionals with solar power they have lived on solar power for 12 years now. We look forward to their insight.

Tanya and Michael Lippold share their home in southwest Missouri with Mike’s Dad, their son and their granddaughter, along with pigs, chickens and rabbits. Mike comes from no less than 3 generations of wine makers. He and his family moved to a quieter life near Miller from a small town near Ogallala Nebraska so that they would have more family time without the stress and time consumed with their multiple management jobs. After taking some time away from the family past time of wine making, Mike got back into wine making several years and has never looked back. With fresh fruit they grow themselves, which includes strawberries, blackberries, apples, pears, and more, they make wine with simple equipment. Mike and Tanya will talking about their process and the equipment needed to make wine for your own use. Having sampled some of the Lippold wine, I can attest to the fact that they have the process figured out!

Joy Racicot has a story is as intriguing as her topic. Joy grew up here in Southwest MO. After meeting her husband, Eddie in Seattle WA, getting married and starting a family, they decided to settle back in southwest Missouri to be around family. In 2009 their 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with MS and they were faced with the decision to give her very harsh drugs that she would be dependent on the rest of her life, or to try and get her healthy by removing harmful processed foods from their diets. They chose the latter and have had very good results. Their daughters doctor introduced Joy to fermented foods and she kept plugging away until she had several foods that everyone could enjoy. This time period is epitomized for her by the time one of her childrens friends was over and opened the fridge to get some milk, “I just really don’t know how to work your fridge!” . . . it was so full of unfamiliar jars that may, or may not have been milk, to her untrained eye! She and Eddie live just North of Miller, MO in an old church that they are renovating with 3 of their 6 children. They have Nubian goats who are teaching them a lot, chickens who puzzle them, and rabbits who provide peace. They are learning to garden, and love to cook whole foods that come straight from the yard. Joy will be covering the health benefits of fermented foods, good vs bad bacteria, fermented food traditions, fermenting as a method of food preservation, methods, science/art, and recipes. She has also promised samples! She is looking forward sharing. Joy is also the inspiration behind Bean Post Farmstead where she shares all about the simple life: growing food, raising kids, and serving God.

Jasmine Bass, who lives in a small rural community in Missouri with her husband Luke, is a bundle of energy with a knowledge of herbs that is not surpassed by many. She did some wonderful presentations at the 2016 Spring Gathering and is graciously returning to present some much needed and timely information about how to boost your immune system naturally. She will also be covering natural, herbal treatments for treating cold and flu symptoms. The herbal topic is much asked for and can cover such a wide range of things, we decided to focus on this one topic. Jasmine began learning about herbs and their uses at an early age, and her interest and knowledge has expanded over the years. Her website, Thyme and Timber, is a wealth of information for both beginner and experienced herbalists. You can also follow her on Facebook at her Thyme and Timber Facebook Page. We are looking forward to learning to take better care of ourselves without the addition of medications into our bodies.

The presenters are looking forward to sharing a bit of their knowledge and experience with you. We are looking forward sharing our place and welcoming you to our home. We hope that you and your family will join us and share with us your ideas and experiences as well.

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