I just realized that I never finished this post about our March 2015 Gathering.  Sorry about that!  On March 8th several joined us for an informal Gathering at the Matthews Farm near Miller, Missouri.  We used the afternoon to visit, mingle and share ideas.  The children played together….in the woods…in puddles…the adults got to know one another and shared homesteading stories.  Everyone had a great time.  As the afternoon wore on, we used the tractor for an old fashioned hayride to take people and food to The Gathering Place.  We had tons of great food and more visiting time.   As darkness closed in, the bonfire warmed us and added to the atmosphere.

We had guests from Stotts City, Neosho, Cape Fair, Ash Grove, Everton, Bois D’Arc and Brighton.  Janet Taylor popped in from Collins, but couldn’t stay for the meal.  Hopefully, she will be able to bring the family and spend more time next time.   We hope to make the time for monthly events.  Classes, Demonstrations, Gatherings, etc.  If you have any ideas you would like to see, please share with us and we will try to accommodate the ideas.

It looks like April will bring a day of Lard Rendering.  You can come watch and learn, participate in the process. Bring a picnic lunch, or bring hot dogs to roast over the fire after the rendering is complete.  We look forward to learning and growing together as we all learn ways to live a Modern Pioneer lifestyle here in southwest Missouri.

Just a few shots of the visiting and playing that went on during the afternoon and into the evening.

Some of the guests had to be torn away from visiting to eat.

Blankets and Jumper Seats made even the youngest guests comfortable.

Larry and Sharon finally got the food line started.

The coffee stayed warm and so did Dennis as he stayed close to the bigger fire for awhile.

Everyone contributed to a great meal. 4 tables of food were spread before the group.

And the visiting continued among Kyle, JD, Justin, Melody, Willow, Lance, Cindy, Becky and Tom as Dennis kept watch on the bonfire.

The trees stretched out and gave the kids plenty of room to run and play

Our transportation for the evening.

No Gathering is complete without fresh coffee

Casey, Willow, Dennis, Owen and Maddie enjoyed hitching a ride back to the house and their cars as the evening drew to a close.

Lance, Lilly and Savana watched over Erin, Bella and Hunter on the ride back.

Becky carries our youngest guest, Gracie to wagon for the ride back to the house.

Kathy, Tom, Melody and Justin just kept on visiting.

We were honored to have each of you join us in March for the first Gathering at the Matthews Farm and hope there will be many more to come and new guests each time.  Join us at SW Missouri Homesteaders on Facebook for future gatherings, classes, demos and events.

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