Whole Hog Sausage: A Family Affair

The learning, doing and teaching that has gone on at our homestead over the last two years has begun to affect our extended family as well as us. This past weekend my brothers, their wives, my mother, my son and friend all got together and butchered a sow and created more than 200 pounds of whole hog sausage to divide among our families.

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A Tribute

The purpose of this story is not to seek sympathy, not to defend my lack of posting for the past 4 months, nor to encourage others to be more diligent in taking the symptoms of loved ones more seriously. Although it may have those effects as well, the following words are meant to be a tribute to my Dad, the man who helped raise me and my brothers, who helped to shape us into the people we have become today, the man who was a loyal son, husband, father, and friend; a man who loved his country life, his cows, his tractors and his family.

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