The end of last week it was time to clip the tops of the onions.  I use this process to encourage the bulbs to get larger so that your onions are bigger and better at harvest time.  So, what to do with the laundry basket full of green tops?  Why, dehydrate them, of course!

I cut them into smaller pieces to fit well in the dehydrator.  Since I would be grinding them, I didn’t worry about making the pieces small, just manageable and able to fit into the dehydrator.

After dehydrating the tops, I crushed them and placed them in my VitaMix and blended away, leaving me with a very fine green powder.  Sometimes I leave them crushed, but I had plenty left from last year, so this I ground the entire batch into powder.  I will use this powder in soups, casseroles and homemade seasoning mixes for a wonderful green onion flavor!  In the past, I would have tossed them, but with the idea of using everything and being able to utilize my dehydrator, I no longer throw away those wonderful tops.

The pictures below show a step by step process.  Enjoy!

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